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1966 | The original band formed

1967 | “Do Like Me” (No. 1 on charts on East & West coast)

2010 | Reunion with four of the original members

The other two original members were:

  • Cliff Wurst (keyboards) 1942-2001
  • Larry Weldin (lead guitar / writer) 1949-2008


Pam Cobb plays keyboards and has been teaching piano and drums for more than 25 years in the Winchester, TN area. Some of her students have gone on to play in the marching band at the University of Tennessee and performed for other choirs at various colleges. She has played for college classes, churches and in various bands. She and Ray married in 2006 and now live in Winchester, TN where she continues to teach piano and drums.


Tollie Lee is the lead singer and wrote their hit songs “Do Like Me” and “Get out of the Way” in 1967. Tollie organized his own bands and sang with groups for more than 35 years around the country. During his time with a house band in Memphis, TN, he had the chance to sing with and get to know Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis. Tollie’s latest release was a country album called “Rodeo.” Tollie now runs a successful business in Manchester, TN.


Russell Riddle has been playing the bass for 45 years. He has played in 38 states and two foreign countries. Russell has been on several hit records including “Keep on Dancing” & “Third Rate Romance” and recorded on Sun Records. Russell is the author of six books and several magazine articles on antique fishing lures. He is considered one of the best antique fishing lure experts in the United States. Russell is retired and living in Tullahoma, TN.


Doug Wurst was the first to join the group in 1966. Doug graduated from the University of Michigan with an Engineering degree and relocated to Manchester, TN to work at Arnold Air Force Base. The band initially formed to play for the Woods Water Ski Club. After his 15-year music adventure, he cut his hair, sold his hearse, slid back into engineering and designed & built a custom barefoot ski boat. Doug and his wife Leslie have renovated a 100-year-old house and live in Tullahoma, TN.

Archie Whitehead joined The Uncalled For in the winter of 2010. Archie, originally from the Great Smoky Mountain region, spent 30 years working for the State of Tennessee in Wildlife Management. While attending Tennessee Tech University, Archie played for several rock and roll bands. “I first fell in love and wanted to play the guitar while watching The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show,” said Archie. Archie has played with numerous bands over the past 30 years and is an accomplished blues guitarist. He has played with such blues performers as Robert Lockwood Jr. and E. G. Kight. Archie will make his first appearance with The Uncalled For in the spring of 2011.


Ray Cobb, as a senior at Tullahoma High School, was the founder of the group in September of 1966. Little did he know that this group would be a one hit wonder with a number one record. After leaving the group, Ray left music and pursued his career in photography as a news/sports photographer covering such events as the World Series, Super Bowl, and college National Championship games. His photographs have appeared in publications such as Newsweek, Sports Illustrated and Sporting News. He is now retired and lives with his wife Pam in Winchester, TN.